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Maine Career Development Association

Upcoming events

    • Tuesday, September 26, 2023
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Zoom

    September 2023 Café Breakout Room Topics (you will be able to select your room during the café):

    • TOPIC 1: Highlights from the summer (work and otherwise!)
    • TOPIC 2: What are the latest trends on your campus/at your workplace?
    • TOPIC 3: How are you advising clients to use (or not to use) AI in their job search?

    This is a FREE event and open to all! However, we encourage you to become a member of MCDA to support this and other programs that promote professional development for career practitioners. 

    A Zoom link will be provided upon registration and sent directly to your email. Please use that link to join the career café!

    If you are interested in supporting our Career Cafés as a Career Café Coordinator, please contact Amy Jaffe at ajaffe@bates.edu or Ashley Bigda at abigda@sjcme.edu. 

    • Friday, November 03, 2023
    • 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • BerryDunn 2211 Congress St. Portland, Maine

    Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
    Navigating the Changing Landscape of Employment Opportunities

    Date: Friday, November 3, 2023

    In-person: 9:00am-3:00pm (8:30am check in)  

    Zoom: 9:00am-12:00pm (morning session only) 

    Facilitator: Thea Ducrow, Ph.D.

    Program Description: 

    Thea Ducrow, Ph.D., CEO of Creative AI Leadership Consulting, will discuss AI’s impact on the career landscape, explore how the changing environment will influence our work as career professionals, and offer actionable strategies for guiding students and clients. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and its impact on the modern workforce presents both challenges and opportunities. In this day long in-person workshop (with half-day virtual option), Dr. Ducrow will help career practitioners learn more how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the workforce and essential techniques career practitioners can use to guide students and clients through this transformative era.

    Participant Learning Outcomes: 

    • Understand the macro aspects of AI including historical context of AI and key terminologies and concepts.
    • Discuss how AI is changing the nature of the workforce and the future of work.
    • Examine which industries and employment sectors (or specific occupations) will be most impacted by AI.
    • Explore how AI may impact jobs seekers including both opportunities and challenges.
    • Discover different recruitment/HR tools and other techniques impacted by AI and how career professionals can best advise students and clients in the application process.
    • Learn about other AI-driven career assessments and tools.
    • Discuss how to adapt career coaching and counseling techniques for AI transitions.
    • Explore how best to navigate the ethical implications including potential biases of AI, and ethical considerations in AI-Driven Career Assessments
    • Engage in demonstrations and AI activities to learn first-hand about some of the tools and techniques that career practitioners can use to support clients and students.
    • Discuss AI future logistics and resources to stay up to date on trends and new activities that may impact our work as career coaches/counseling professionals.

    This program is eligible for 4.5 clock hours (in person) or 2.5 clock hours (zoom morning session)  through NCDA for those who hold NCDA credentials.


    Morning Session  9:00-12:00 (in person and on zoom)

    8:30-9:00 am       Registration & Refreshments (in person)

    9:00-9:15 am       Welcome Remarks 

    9:15-10:15 am     Keynote presentation on AI and the Future of Work

    10:15-10:30 am   Q&A

    10:30-10:45          Break

    10:45-12:00          Live demo of AI-driven tools and technologies

    12:00- 1:00           LUNCH BREAK

    Afternoon Session  1:00-3:00 (in-person only)

    1:00- 3:00              Interactive session- deep dive into AI tools                                                          


     In Person (BerryDunn) Full Day Registration

    • Current MCDA Members: $99 (full day in-person)
    • Lapsed Membership/Non-members: $139* (in-person)
    • Current New England CDA Members (outside of Maine): $99**
    • Student Rate: $65
    • 1/2 day event (Zoom morning session only): $65

      *Members whose memberships have lapsed can renew their 2023-2024 membership by registering as a Lapsed Member/Non-Member. The membership fee ($40) will automatically be included in the registration cost. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Meg Gerry below.

      **For members of other New England associations, please
      e-mail Meg Gerry below to verify your membership after registration.

      Questions or registration issues? Contact Meg Gerry, MCDA Fall Workshop Registration Committee

      About the Speaker:

      Dr. Thea Ducrow is a training consultant and founder of Creative AI Leadership Consulting, LLC, which offers transformative strategic planning, board development, and leadership training tailored for the age of AI.  Dr. Ducrow assists businesses and HR professionals in how to navigate a swiftly evolving, technology-driven era. Amidst these growing challenges, she serves as a reliable advisor, who helps businesses and organizations navigate this landscape, and enables leaders and organizations to stimulate innovation and growth through AI. As an engaging and adept webinar presenter, she has an exceptional talent for translating intricate AI concepts into actionable insights and strategies. Driven by her commitment to delivering the best for her audience, Dr. Ducrow actively keeps herself at the cutting edge of industry trends. Her proactive approach in updating her knowledge ensures that clients and workshop participants receive the most contemporary and effective strategies in understanding how AI is impacting the HR landscape and how career development practitioners can best assist students and clients in navigating the future of work.

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