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Maine Career Development Association

Upcoming events

    • Friday, June 17, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 3:15 PM
    • USM Lewiston-Auburn Campus w/virtual option (AM only)

    2022 Annual Conference

    Rethinking Work and Career Practice;
    Responding to the Multiple Crises of the 2020s

    Friday, June 17th, 2022, 9:00am-3:15pm

    University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn Campus
    51 Westminster St., Lewiston, ME


    Dr. David L. Blustein, Ph.D
    Lynch School of Education & Human Development
    Boston College

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changing event, particularly for those who have lost their lives, their family members, their livelihoods, and their hope for the future. COVID-19 has transformed societies in ways that are still far from being understood. Adding to the sense of precarity is the advent of major war in Europe as well as significant changes in the labor market, such as The Great Resignation. As policy experts, government leaders, and other advocates consider how to rebuild our wounded and grieving societies, serious attention needs to be devoted to how the institution of work should be revamped in the wake of the massive job disruptions that are endemic to this crisis.

    This presentation focuses on rethinking work from the vantage point of working people, students, and career professionals. What does research and theory tell us about how work can be constructed so that it is decent, dignified, stable, and secure? This presentation will propose a conceptual and practice-focused framework that can optimally contribute to the rebuilding of work as a source of decent and dignified experiences for all. Implications for career practice and policy conclude the presentation.

    About David:

    David L. Blustein is a Professor and the Golden Eagle Faculty Fellow in the Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology at Boston College.  David is the author of The Psychology of Working: A New Perspective for Career Development, Counseling, and Public Policy and the recently published The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty: The Eroding Experience of Work in America. He has been instrumental in developing psychology of working theory, which represents an inclusive and social justice-informed perspective on the role of work in people's lives and in their communities. David has contributed numerous articles and book chapters on psychology of working theory, unemployment, career counseling, decent work, dignity at work, precarious work, relationships and work, and other aspects of the role of work in people’s lives. David has extensive experience in providing psychological and career services to clients as well as consultation with national and international organizations, such as the International Labor Organization, OECD, and the United Nations Development Program. 

    Schedule of Events (Subject to Change):

    9:00am                              Welcome & Announcements

    9:15-10:30am                   Keynote

    10:30-10:40am                 Break

    10:40-11:30am                 Q&A with Dr. Blustein

    11:45am- 12:50pm           Lunch

    12:15-12:45pm                 Business Meeting

    1:00-2:00pm                      Workshop Session #1

    2:00-2:15pm                      Break

    2:15-3:15pm                      Workshop Session #2

    Session 1 Workshops:

    • Panel Discussion: Workforce Development for Maine's Future - new initiatives to encourage young people to explore career pathways and connect to work opportunities in Maine
      Dwight Littlefield, State Director for Career & Technical Education, Maine Department of Education
      Rick Wilson, Career Education Specialist, Maine Department of Education
      Samantha Brink, Vice President of Extended Learning Opportunities, Jobs for Maine's Graduates (JMG)

    • Resilience Building Practices that Work in Today's World
      Presenter: David Lee, Career Coach, Heart at Work Associates

    • Using the Lens of Narrative Psychology to Understand Clients' Identity Development
      Presenter: Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Fraser-Thill Coaching & Consulting, LLC

    • Career is like a garden: Using nature as a metaphor to help with career development and transition
      Presenter: Josh Mangin, Owner, Mainely Counseling, LLC

    Session 2 Workshops:

    • Using Intentional Serendipity to Create Opportunities
      Presenter: Jim Peacock, Principal, Peak-Careers Consulting

    • How to Become a More Effective Communicator and Change Agent with Storytelling
      Presenter: David Lee, Career Coach, Heart at Work Associates

    • Helping Clients and Students Prioritize Their Career and Professional Values with the Work-Life Balance Assessment
      Presenter: Anush Hansen, Owner, Kennebunk Career & Wellness Counseling

    For workshop descriptions, please click on this link.


    • Full Day Registration: $80
    • Virtual Registration (AM portion only): $65
    • Graduate Student (Full Day): $40
    • Graduate Student (Virtual AM portion only): $40

    Full day registration includes keynote, a boxed lunch and workshop sessions.

    A 2022-2023 MCDA Membership is also included in the registration fee!

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