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Maine Career Development Association

MCDA Board Members


 Executive Board

   Holly Smevog, M.S., CCC


   Work Consultant & Career Counselor
   HMS Consulting, LLC

   Stacy Stewart, Ph.D


   Career Advisor
   University of Southern Maine

   Nicole Lazure, M.Ed, CCC


   College Success Specialist
   Jobs for Maine's Graduates


   Hope Lanza, B.S., CCSP


   Career Advisor
   Goodwill Industries of Northern New England

   Robin Tardiff, B.A., B.S., SHRM


   Director of Career Services
   Beal College


Area Representatives

   Kate Axelsen Foster, M.Ed

   College Career Counselor

   Assistant Director, Employer Relations
   University of Maine at Orono

   Haley Brown, M.Ed

   College Career Counselor

   Coordinator of Career Connections
   University of Maine at Augusta

   Tara Kierstead, M.S.

   School Counselor
   Hall-Dale Middle/High School



   Adult Education



   Adrian Cohen, MPP

   Agency (DOL, JMG, etc.)

   Program Manager
   Goodwill Industries of Northern New England


   Eileen Kalikow, M.Ed 


   Vocational Resources


   Joe Austin, M.Ed


   Joseph Austin Consulting





   Donna Gaspar Jarvis, M.S. 


   Career Advisor
   University of New England


   Graduate Student




Holly Smevog, Current MCDA President

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