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July 4, 2021

Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

I want to thank the MCDA Board for their support and trust as I assume this role as your president. Leadership transitions can be worrisome, but we have a strong, talented, committed Board and I am excited by the challenges and opportunities ahead.  I promise to do the best that I can to keep our organization on the growth pattern that has been established over the past decade. 

I need to acknowledge the outstanding leadership provided by our out-going president, Holly Smevog.  Over the past two years MCDA has grown tremendously.  She led us through the pandemic. Holly provided calm and inclusive leadership as we pivoted to online offerings.  The 2020 Annual Conference had to be changed quickly.  It was a huge success and gave us a model that has worked well since.   Our Career Café program has emerged as a strong element binding the organization together.  Personally, I am grateful for the support she has shown me in this transition.  

While we have a strong organization right now, we are dependent on an engaged membership.  Our organization is strong because we do not depend on one or two people to do all the work.  I hope you will consider becoming an active member of MCDA, particularly if you have been with us for a year or more.  There are numerous roles to fill, AND, if you have an idea that you believe would benefit MCDA, a program or service we might offer, perhaps a new way of communicating and networking, let us know.  

In between our vacations and days at the lake, I have been able to attend the first two annual conference sessions organized by our stellar conference committee.  Both sessions were outstanding.  There are three more scheduled this summer and I encourage you to attend if possible.  They are all on Zoom and registration information can be found here.   We will also sponsor one Career Café this summer on July 20th. Registration for that can be found here.

As we move into this next phase of the pandemic, there will be more time for in-person professional development.  Our fall 2021 Workshop will be in-person with the morning session offered hybrid.  Save the date, October 1, 2021 at the LAC campus of USM in Lewiston.  I anticipate that by Spring 2022 we will once again be able to host our annual conference in-person.  It is noteworthy though, that offering professional development via Zoom has enabled us to include many people who might otherwise not be able to attend.  This has certainly been true for our Career Cafes which have not only had consistent turnout monthly but have attracted people from across the country.  Moving forward we will have to consider the balance between in-person and remote opportunities.  

In August our Board will gather via Zoom to review the past year and plan the next.  Again, if you have thoughts or ideas to share, don’t hesitate to be in touch.  The Maine Career Development Association is YOUR organization.  Let us know how it can best serve you.   I can be reached at joeaustin1919@gmail.com and I hope you will drop me a quick line with your ideas.

With best regards,

Joe Austin, MCDA President 


Tuesday, JULY 20TH, 2021  

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)

Location: Zoom

This is a FREE event and open to all!

Please Join Us for

Conversation & Networking

July 2021 Café, Breakout Room Topics

(you will be able to select your room during the café):

    TOPIC 1: How to work with the seemingly unemployable
      TOPIC 2: Working with indecisive clients
        TOPIC 3: Transitioning out of the pandemic, what changes for you?
          TOPIC 4: Thinking about one's own career transition, what is your next move?

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          (5 sessions, each earns 1 CEU from NCDA.)

          Our Annual Conference Series will be held virtually throughout Summer 2021, with several excellent sessions that you won't want to miss! 

          For workshop descriptions, please visit this link.

          • HR Professionals Panel
            Tuesday, July 27th, 3-4:15pm

          • Health and Wellness During a Job Search, Anush Hansen, LPC, CCC, Monday, August 9th, 4-5:15pm

          Each session is worth 1 CEU!

          A 2021-2022 MCDA membership is included in your registration (unless you register as a Regional CDA Member). You may select one or more (or all) sessions at $20 per session, or register for all five and save $20!

          MAINE NEWS

          Mills Administration Announces “Back To Work” Program To Help Unemployed Maine People Rejoin Workforce, June 14, 2021

          The “Back to Work” program, administered by the Maine Department of Labor and the Department of Economic and Community Development, will provide employers a one-time $1,500 payment for eligible workers who start jobs between June 15 and June 30 or a $1,000 payment for eligible workers who start jobs in July to encourage unemployed Maine people to return to the workforce. The first-come, first-served program will utilize $10 million in Federal funding and could reach up to 7,500 Maine people.


          NCDA Career Convergence Highlights

          A recent issue of NCDA’s monthly web magazine is available.  A few sample articles are below:

          The ARCCS of Career Development in Unprecedented Times

          By Jerilyn Wagner

          The Chaos Theory of Careers has emerged as a career development theory to address the “unprecedented” changes that seem to be emerging in rapid succession around us. This article describes tools for chaos-informed guidance as well as a growth-oriented strategy (ARCCS – Adaptability, Resilience, Creativity, Control, Self-Efficacy) for clients’ development.

          The Power of Peer Connections and Learning through Cohort-Based Career and Professional Development Groups

          By Satomi Yaji Chudasama

          Career specialists are uniquely positioned to empower students to take ownership of their career journeys and practice accountability while helping to create a support system. This article introduces the cohort-based career and professional development groups.

          Link to Latest Issue: Click Here

          Want to get published?

          The Independent Practice department of Career Convergence is accepting article submissions for early 2022 issues. Articles may focus on theories and approaches in career counseling or coaching, working with special populations, resources for private practitioners and their clients, or the business of an independent/private practice.

          If interested, review the submission guidelines and send your article to Career Convergence Associate Editor Michelle Tullier, or contact her to propose and discuss your idea: michelle@drtullier.com.

          New Facebook Group!

          MCDA member Anush Hansen has created the Career Counseling Connection, a private Facebook group and online community where career counselors and career coaches in private practice (or interested in private practice) can connect with and support each other, ask questions, and share ideas and resources. 

          When requesting to join, be sure to answer the "membership questions." New members welcomed!

          Inspiration for Summer 2021

          For News from Our Colleagues In Rhode Island, please follow this link to the Rhode Island Career Development Association Newsletter.

          Please Join Us!

          It's Fun & Rewarding! 

          We need the following volunteers:

          1. A Graduate Student Rep for the Board
          2. At Large Members, if you have expressed interest already we will reach out!
          3. Newsletter Committee: Contributors & Editors, Quarterly or Monthly
          4. Fall Workshop Planners & Marketing Helpers
          5. Annual Conference Planners & Marketing Helpers
          6. Website Content Contributors and Light Website Editing
          7. Social Media Content Updaters

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